Nanjing Jintian Plastic & Rubber Co. Ltd. is experienced in producing various additive masterbatch for plastics, and is also experienced in EPDM/PP thermoplastic vulcanizates and SEBS、SBS composite elastomer for special purposes. The company was set up in 1997.With 50 professional colleages (some of them with PHD degrees in polymer science), having several production lines, the company could satisfy its different customers with a quick and perfect service.
The EPDM/PP thermoplastic vulcanizates are widely used in automobile、cable、electric fields; The SEBS、SBS composite elastomers find applications in stationary、toys and tools.
Additive masterbatchs are covering almost all additives useful for plastics. The using of additive masterbatch makes plastics engineers possible to obtain plastics with desire and stable properties in efficient way.

Thermoplastic Elastomer
EPDM/PP Thermoplastic Vulcanizates
The elastomers are with excellent properties in temperature,weather resistance,solvent resistance,and no necessary for further curing.The elastomer could be extruded 、injected in ordinary plastics processing machines,the elastomer could be recycled which makes the rubber processing more efficient and economical.

Functional Masterbatches
Silicone Masterbatches

The masterbatches is the blends of polydimethyl silicone with polyolefins、Nylons、POM、ABS at high concentration(usually 20-50%) of polydimethyl silicone.The masterbatches could be mixed (at proper proportion) with plastics items with low friction coefficient、scratch resistance and low energy comsuption,the masterbatches could also be used to enhance the dispersion of glass fibers in polypropylene、nylon and polyesters.

Polyolefin Antiblocking Masterbatches
Used for preparation of polyethylene and polypropylene films by mixing the masterbatches at 2% before processing.

Polyolefin Anti-static Masterbatches
Used for preparation of polyolefin products(by blowing,injection and extrusion) by mixing the masterbatches at 2-5% before processing.

Polyolefin UV-resistant Masterbatches
Used for preparation of plastics items(by blowing、injection and extrusion) by mixing the masterbatches at 2-6% before processing.

Polyolefin fogging-resistant Masterbatches
Used for elimination of small water drops on the plastics surface (reducing transparency) by mixing the masterbatches at 5-10% before processing and increasing surface tension of plastics.

Polyethylene flame-resistant masterbatches
By mixing the masterbatches with polyethylene at 15-30% according to the properties desired.

Impact modifiers for Nylon、PET、PBT、PC
Increasing the toughness of Nylon、PET、PBT、PC by mixing the modifiers at 10-20%.
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